The purpose of this blog is to share the insights I obtained from my clients in the process of decoding the information that is available on their hands.

We are energy converters.

He is a boy of nine with green eyes that are searching for something to occupy his hands. He is like popcorn – all over the room. He is every teacher’s nightmare and that is the reason I was requested to take ink prints of his hands. When others draw pictures of family members and the houses they live in – the tree, sun and the odd pet Aldon prefers to draw pictures of the universe – pictures with exceptional detail. His mom remembers the comment he made after completing his first picture of the universe – “I’m not from this planet” he said and handed her the picture – he was 3 years old at the time. The picture is framed and hangs proudly in the family room.

We take his hand prints in the class room of the private school he attends. On the wall is a poster of the universe. So, I ask, “If you are not from this planet where on that map of the universe is your planet?” Without hesitation or even looking at the map he answers – “It’s not indicated on the map, it’s more north.” “And the name of your planet?”, I ask. Again without hesitation he answers, – “I’m nine years old, I will remember when I turn 12.”

His fingerprint patterns reveal tented arches on both index fingers – usually present on the hands of those who are blessed with inner wisdom or as some like to say “old souls”.

Curious, I ask, “If you are not from this planet what do you think is the purpose of humans – why were they created?” His immediate answer – “They are energy converters.” Asked to explain he replies – “They are supposed to eat food and turn it into feelings. When I eat an apple it makes me happy.” Realizing that this is over my head I try to steer the conversation back to the reason I was requested to take ink prints of his hands – “Why do you make your teacher so angry?” I ask.

“She is sad, so I take her sadness and give her anger.” – he replies. “Why not joy?” I ask. He answers – “I don’t know how to.”

Energy converters. Through our senses we perceive the world around us. We then process that information in our own unique way. The result is an energy vibration that makes us feel in one of two ways – good or bad. When we give the feeling a name it is an emotion. Although there are various theories on how many basic emotions there are and what they are, I prefer to work with one of the ancient models that identifies nine basic emotions. These emotions are also represented by specific fingers on the hands. By assigning numerical values to the different fingerprint pattern types it is possible to identify life purpose on an individual’s hands.

With the research that I’m conducting on fingerprint pattern combinations, individuals seem to be energy converters for the emotion associated with the finger on which their life purpose is indicated.

Like Aldon I’m an energy converter for the basic emotion of sadness. I have the ability to absorb the energy others radiate when they experience the emotion of sadness. Sadness seems to energize me. We are all energy converters, but there is usually one specific emotion we “specialize” in. This is reflected on the finger with the highest numerical value or the finger that reflects our life purpose. Chirology provides the means or “tools” that enables the chirologist to identify what type of energy converter you are.

By providing Aldon’s parents with guidance, on how to manage his ability to be an energy converter for sadness, he is today successfully living his purpose and those around him describe him as a joy to be with.

Which one of the basic emotions are you an energy converter for?

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