The purpose of this blog is to share the insights I obtained from my clients in the process of decoding the information that is available on their hands.

The Sunday Bug.

I was about to give a talk on Chirology at a church situated on the beach somewhere on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal. It was a Sunday morning and the weather was perfect for not being in church. There was a lazy cat basking in the sun, the sounds of cicadas were almost as loud as the crushing waves beyond the big trees in front of the church. There were the usual nonsensical conversations on politics and the illnesses of the week on the steps to the church. Every now and then all eyes were on the plate covered with plastic carried by a newcomer – eats for tea after the talk.

Just as we were about to start one of the ladies waved me towards her. She was one of my clients and was keenly observant – she had to be, she had peacock’s eye fingerprint patterns on both her ring fingers. She was holding a leaf of one of the shrubs growing at the entrance to the church. On it was a praying mantis. This, however was no ordinary insect. It had the most unusual pattern on its back and somehow it seemed as if it was proud of being noticed. Apparently it had been there the previous Sunday as well. I took a photo of it with my cell phone, but before I could admire its beauty in detail I was called to do the talk.

After the egg-mayonnaise triangle sandwiches and rooibos tea I took a few hand prints and was back off to Durban. It was only the next day that I remembered the magical insect. Looking at the photo I was again amazed and decided to send it to a client who is also a bug lover.

He informed me that there are about 950,000 documented species of insects on Earth, but what is interesting is that in the past few years (specifically from 2012) there has been a noticeable increase in the discovery of completely new species. And here is his theory – these insects are raising the general energy vibration on Earth. How? By the reaction they elicit in those that notice them. As humans the emotions we experience radiate a specific electromagnetic frequency. The feel bad emotions have lower frequencies than the feel good emotions that vibrate on a higher frequency. When individuals react with wonder at the sight of these beautiful insects they radiate high frequencies. The more individuals that experience wonder, the more the increase in higher frequencies – slowly increasing the energy vibration on Earth.

This (theory) is the fingerprint of the Creator – not interfering with the free will of humans, by ending wars, eradicating crime and disease, but raising the energy by continuing to create. This is the energy shift with two essential components – awareness and gratitude. Awareness – you need to be aware of Nature or of Life in general – the detail of it, because if there are storms brewing inside of you, you will not be able to hear a pin drop. When you observe the splendour of the intricate precision of how new creation takes place continuously, you cannot but stand in awe and experience wonder. Wonder is the base emotion that follows when we appreciate (have gratitude for) our experiences. Having experiences can be regarded as the purpose of life  – to experience and to enjoy those experiences. How you do that is unique to you and revealed by your fingerprint patterns. Based on the principles of Chirology it is possible to guide you towards greater awareness by empowering you with more self-knowledge. By raising your awareness you will be able to be part of the rising shift in energy, but always remain the authority on where you choose to focus or channel your energy. To some it is as small as an insect, while to others it is as vast as the universe – the key is awareness.

 According to your fingerprint pattern combination – in which life area are you keenly observant?

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