The purpose of this blog is to share the insights I obtained from my clients in the process of decoding the information that is available on their hands.


Convicted for raping an eight year old girl this colossal prisoner received the death penalty and was awaiting his execution. This was South Africa, 1993 and there was a moratorium on executions. In my capacity as deputy director of research administration in the Department of Correctional Services I also, on weekends, worked at the maximum security prison in Pretoria. Here prisoners were executed (hanged) prior to the moratorium on executions of 1990.

This prisoner got my attention because of his arrogant demeanour and the foul language he used. The manner in which he ate his food, how he kept his cell, even the way he walked was offensive. But what sickened me the most was his reply when asked how he could commit a crime so heinous, “she was looking for it”, he would reply. It was as if he was the master of antagonism and the source of resentment. If evil is the missing explanation for the heinous actions of humans then, in my opinion, this individual personified it.

At first it was just in his presence that I experienced this urge to confront this energy that contaminated the environment, but later he started to invade my thoughts when I was driving home and soon he was an incomplete thought pattern in my brain wherever I went. This I had to stop and the only way to do this was to confront the source.

I had a whole week to prepare – how I would start the conversation, what questions I would ask and how I would let him know of the unnecessary negative influence he had on the environment. 

Saturday arrived and I was ready to confront evil. As an officer I was required to be accompanied by a warder when I interacted with prisoners. This Saturday I requested a second warder to accompany me to this prisoner’s cell. I had a good speech, but this guy was twice the size of me and one warder.

After ordering him out of his cell I started my speech –

“When I read about the crime that you have committed, how you arrogantly justify your actions, the aggressive way in which you conduct yourself and how you seem to intentionally elicit conflict I want to ask you – What do you think is the purpose of your life?”

Stepping aggressively closer and bending down to look me in the eyes he replied – “You ask the wrong questions. What happens in my life is none of your business. The questions you need to ask are – Why do you see these things and what are you going to do about it?”

An awkward silence followed and the only intelligent reply I could muster was – “get back in your cell”. It took me a while to process what just happened, but his words changed my thinking forever.

In trying to make sense of our external world we encounter a complicated Universe and often overstep the boundaries into the private worlds of others in our quest to understand. We want to find meaning in their suffering and are curious about their actions and in our quest to make sense we move into a world where we do not belong. We abandon the world where we find the opportunities to experience life based on the choices we make.

We are blinded by the choices others make and shocked when these choices elude explanation.

What happens in the external world has no meaning. It only receives meaning when you perceive and interpret it. You are therefore free (and responsible) to interpret whatever you perceive in any way you want to. Your aim should be to ensure that your interpretation serves your life purpose. This requires awareness and a fair amount of self-knowledge. It starts by you asking – Why do I see these things? and answer the question – what am I going to do about it?

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