No one has ever made a choice against their will – it is not possible to do so. The gift of free choice is not a gift that can be returned or transferred to someone else.

If you are faced with choices gift of free choice applies.

The motivation for your choice can be:

  • The desire of your heart – because you want to.
  • Persuasion – based on a convincing argument.
  • Fear – in all its many forms, from your own insecurities to being threatened, intimidated, blackmailed or tortured.
  • Guilt – as a way to redeem yourself.
  • To avoid shame or embarrassment.
  • Duty or obligation.

Whatever is on your motivation list for making the choice – you still made the choice yourself.

Not making a choice is also a way to utilize your gift of free choice, because not choosing is always on the option list.

The gift of free choice is denied by those who refuse to take responsibility for the choices they make.

We do not always have control over the consequences of our choices, but we are always responsible for making our own choices.

This is why it is so important that we make informed choices. To make informed choices requires relevant and reliable information. The responsibility to determine what is relevant requires a fair amount of self-knowledge. To gain self-knowledge requires awareness – with the focus on self-awareness.

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