Using Chirology as a counseling method is a revolutionary new way of empowering individuals to utilize their own inner resources to ensure their emotional health.

Based on years of research it is now possible to obtain accurate information stored in the subconscious areas of the brain.

*Skype sessions are available*

What differentiates Chirology from other counseling methods are:

  • The information from the client is obtained by applying the principles of Chirology to the features of the hands – usually by taking ink prints of the hands. Photos or examining the physical hands can also provide the information.
  • With the ink prints of the hands the chirologist has access to information that is not distorted by the client’s current emotional state.
  • In guiding the client towards emotional well-being it is now possible to identify the client’s natural coping abilities, gifts, talents and potential by applying the principles of Chirology to the features on the hands. Conventional counseling methods rely on verbal feedback from the client (usually referred to as a patient), questionnaires, background reports, medical and psychiatric history of the client, testimonies of others and in some cases hypnosis is also used to obtain information. The principles of Chirology are research based and the starting point or foundation of the information in the counseling process requires none of these conventional methods. Ink prints of the hands are the point where the counseling process starts.
  • The aim of counseling based on the principles of Chirology is to empower clients with the natural coping abilities we all have. It is reminding and bringing information from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Empowering individuals to utilize their natural coping mechanisms by making them aware of who they authentically are.
  • By applying the principles of Chirology to the features of the hands it is possible to not only identify coping mechanisms, but also past events that may prevent or obstruct client from living quality lives or their unique potential.
  • What makes Chirology unique as a counseling method is that, when observing the hands, the chirologist immediately has access to information from the client’s subconscious mind. The client may not be ready or willing to share that information yet. The chirologist therefore has the responsibility to respect the right of clients to explore the road to emotional well-being at their own pace. The role of the chirologist is therefore only to inform – making individuals aware of their potential and guiding them to utilize it in living quality lives.

Chirology as a counseling method is successfully applied to add value in the lives of individuals in different areas of which the following are examples:

  • Trauma, including grief and suicide counseling.
  • Medical trauma – disappointing diagnosis, coping with treatment including chemotherapy, support and guidance during the healing and rehabilitation process.
  • Relationship management, including individual, marriage, family and group.
  • Relationship compatibility.
  • Conflict resolution in all areas of life.
  • Career guidance, including pre-tertiary, recruitment, staff appointments and placements.
  • Life coaching – please refer to the Life Coaching Course.
  • Identifying Life purpose and Life lessons.
  • Identifying passion.

The aim of counseling based on the principles of Chirology is to provide a safe environment where the individual can grow into emotional well-being. This environment exists within the individual and with the guidance of the chirologist it is possible to make the client aware of that environment. Empowered with sufficient self-knowledge it is possible for individuals to make informed choices and to steer their lives into living their purpose.


A counseling session of an hour = R350.00.

2 Sessions – appointments can be scheduled for different days = R600 (amount to be paid in full at first session)

3 Sessions – appointments can be scheduled for different days = R900 (amount to be paid in full at first session)

How to schedule an appointment:

  • E-mail your request for an appointment and your motivation for counseling to
  • An appointment of 45 min is scheduled – Skype sessions are available.
  • On the scheduled day and time ink prints of your hands are taken and the hour consultation will be provided.
  • It is also possible to provide counseling services via e-mail, provided I have clear ink prints of the hands. Online counseling can provide a safe and supportive environment in which it is possible for clients to focus on aspects that are important, working at their own pace and with more time to reflect.


Please note that the appointment will only be confirmed when proof of payment has been received. Obtain bank details here – BANK DETAILS

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