Increase your self-awareness – Live a quality life.

Do the course via e-mail assignments.

The course consist of five assignments.

You can start the course on any date, but please note that there will be a price increase from 18 September 2017.

Costs and payment options.

The cost of the course is R3 500 – from 18 September 2017 the price will increase to R4 000.00

When paid in full at the start of the course – R3 000.

When paid in instalments:

  • A deposit of R1 000 at the start of the course.
  • The balance to be paid before the last last assignment.

Why should you consider enrolling for this course?

  • You need to be conscious of the choices you make and ensure that they are informed choices that support your life purpose.
  • You need to live the quality life you choose to live.
  • Guidance is based on your genetic profile – utilizing the principles of Chirology.
  • You will receive a working document with specific guidelines – based on your unique fingerprint pattern combination that provides information on your life purpose, life lessons and the base emotion you are an energy converter for, practical tools on how to manage challenges and much more.
  • You will save time and money on self-help books and courses when you invest in yourself by enrolling for this course.
  • You will be provided with guidance on how to trust the authentic you, boost your self-confidence, identify your passions, dream and envision your best possible future personally and professionally.
  • You will receive guidance on how to focus your awareness in the current moment and how to effectively channel your energy towards the desires of your heart..
  • You will be empowered with life skills based on your unique genetic profile that you will be able to apply throughout your life.

Content of assignments:

  • First assignment

General assessment – hand prints taken – if I do not have them already..

Participants afforded the opportunity to state the challenges they experience.

Participants state their expectations of the course.

Basic principles of the course are discussed.

  • Second assignment

Participants receive the working document based on their unique fingerprint pattern combination. The following topics are discussed:

o   Self-image

o   Identifying passions

o   Establishing a dream

o   Individual potential, gifts and talents

o   How to stay motivated

  • Third assignment

Participants provide feedback on the reports they received and the challenges they experience are discussed.

Managing challenges

o   Physical – pain and general health.

o   Emotional – thought patterns that cause distress.

o   Relationships – managing the different types of relationships.

o   Financial – equating your obligations with what you regard as a quality life.

o   Career – how to utilize natural talents and abilities in current working environments or how to apply them in new endeavours.

Practical guidelines are provided – based on each participant’s unique fingerprint pattern profile.

  • Fourth assignment

How to connect with your Soul Group

How to develop and utilize your intuition

Identifying and utilizing your support structures on different levels:

  • Spiritual – being aware of your Guides, Guardian Angels and your God-concept.
  • Internal – based on your gifts, talents and potential.
  • External – assessing the different environments in which you live your life to identify specific support structures.

Participants receive “home work” on specific aspects they need to focus on. Each participant receives goals or tasks they need to complete before the next class.

  • Fifth assignment

Participants report back on their “home work”.

Participants receive guidelines on how to ensure continual personal growth in their lives.

The goals of the course are discussed.

An hour private Skype session with each participant is scheduled to discuss personal aspects and to ensure that the expectations of each participant were met.

Please e-mail me with any questions, comments or your intention to enrol for the course.

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