The Following presentations are available:

1. General principles of Chirology an interactive presentation – for teambuilding and/or general entertainment.

2. Hand gestures.

3. Love on your hands.

4. Hands of the famous.

For the month of June 2017 I offer a free visual presentation on Chirology.

If you have six or more interested individuals I will come to your venue and do the presentation. I do the presentation from my projector on a screen that I provide so any venue will suffice. The presentation is 45 minutes and is interactive. I usually take ink prints of everyone who attends and then give it back to them to follow and ask questions as I go through the presentation.

This is the presentation that I provide when doing teambuilding workshops for companies, information sessions at educational institutions and talks I provide at clubs or private groups.

There is no cost to the presentations I do in June as I have compiled a presentation based on new information that I need to “streamline”. I is also a wonderful opportunity to have fun with a group of friends. Please let me know if you know of someone who would be interested in hosting such a presentation.


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