Pain describes a sensation that we experience as hurtful or negative. The purpose of pain is to draw our attention to something.

Pain although useful should never be embraced. It is a sensation that warns that something is not as it is suppose to be and while it is experienced it indicates that the problem has not been addressed. Those who advocate or try to convince others to embrace their pain do either not understand the pain or do not have the intellectual ability to correctly interpret the message of the pain.

The longer the pain is experienced the greater the damage that can be caused.

When we allow ourselves to be convinced that pain is something we should embrace or accept – then we rob pain of its purpose and turn it into a cheap life lesson.

Pain is a sacred tool that is no ones friend. It is not a gift that you own, but rather a messenger that warns of a danger that is robbing you of the quality of your life. When you allow or welcome it into your life it will distort and destroy your experiences in an attempt to be freed.

Pain is a feeling but never an emotion. Pain is a master to get hold of our attention both on a physical and emotional level. Pain is the divine messenger that should be respected – not feared, but rather revered. To embrace it can be fatal.

How individuals react to pain differ. The type of fingerprint pattern on the index finger reveals how.

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