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The life that is inside of you is not your life. Being alive means living this life. Every living organism therefore has life inside of it. It is a specific type of energy assigned to match the characteristics of each specific organism. When this energy or life force is present in an organism we refer to the organism as alive. This “life” inside organisms is the same for humans, animals, insects and plants and it does not belong to any of these organisms – it is just what keeps them alive. For these organisms to continue living something must die. The plant dies when the cow eats it and so does the cow when the human eats it. When humans die that what kept them alive goes back into the earth. This is not the soul part of consciousness – the soul that differentiates humans from other living organisms – this is the universal life that exists in all living organisms. Some refer to this energy as the Divine Gift. It is the life in every living organism.

The only way for life to continue is death.

Death is an ending. As humans we tend to shy away from endings – ending of weekends, of holidays, of jobs, of incomes, of relationships and ultimately of death. When we are alive we are programmed to instinctively stay alive. It is not that we are programmed to fear death – it is that we instinctively protect the life that is inside of us.

Endings ensure that life and its beauty live on. With all endings something dies, but in that moment something else is born and receives that life. And so all life is connected, sharing forever changing creating new life in all its diverse forms.

You are only a vessel that is granted the opportunity to carry this life inside of you for a brief moment in time. You call it a life time, but in the cycle of life it is a fleeting moment. When death arrives, to give meaning to your life, ensure that you give it back with gratitude for never has it really belonged to you. But for now you are alive with a gift inside of you that has the memories of a Universe that is infinite and you are free to do with it whatever you choose. Ensure that you make wise choices because the life inside you does not belong to you.

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